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Roles of the Captain & Vice Captain

Being selected to represent your club as Captain or Vice-Captain of your team is not only a great honour, but it also requires a fair amount of responsibility.

At Chevrons Netball Club we encourage our players to be the best they can be, and we reward those who show great leadership and excellent talent with the role of Captain.

All Captains and Vice-Captains must:

  1. Be responsible for fixtures at the beginning of each season
  2. Confirm all matches and arrange the relevant umpire.
  3. Ensure match fees are collected and umpires receive payment.
  4. Ensure match cards are completed and forwarded to the league secretary.
  5. Liaise with coaches where the teams are involved.
  6. Distribute the kit at the beginning of each match and return to team coach at the end.
  7. Encourage each team to fair play and enjoyment.
  8. Must build confidence not knock it.
  9. Be approachable to all members.
  10. Help when needed.
  11. Ensure each player abides by the club regulations.
  12. Report any concerns about the welfare of a child.
  13. Never swear or shout at a child
  14. Be a positive role model for your team, by displaying high standards of behaviour and appearance.

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